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Disfunctional Kisses' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Disfunctional Kisses

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[03 Mar 2003|02:31pm]


The pretties will dream

...in heat...
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Reunion [12 Jun 2002|12:36pm]

I know it's been a few months

I really think we should give this another try....

[29 Mar 2002|11:56am]

i dont know... i really dont know what to do about diskisses anymore, i've TRIED to contact sam and she hasnt replied to my emails and shes never online....even on her new name.. or the one im told she uses... blah so i dont know

[22 Mar 2002|12:20pm]

emote.org is going to purge the site, due to the fact they are broke.
so that means, we are no longer going to be hosted effective April 1st.
goodbye disfunctional kisses, goodbye.

Waiting... Anticipating... [12 Feb 2002|04:00pm]

[ mood | Pissed ]

Ok... wtf.... did everyone DIE or something?

or just block my stupid ass....


You've lost everything
to become penitant
Walls seething with unknown grudges

...and here are open oceans
it is here where your all alone

Don't follow your temptations
The Vigils will see...

The paradox's between your worlds of faith...
...have blinded you from the earth you were born into

...The world where gravity weighs your soul...

Where the colors of your vision...

...are the colors of reality

Waiting... Anticipating... [12 Feb 2002|04:00pm]

[ mood | Pissed ]

Ok... wtf.... did everyone DIE or something?

or just block my stupid ass....


You've lost everything
to become penitant
Walls seething with unknown grudges

...and here are open oceans
it is here where your all alone

Don't follow your temptations
The Vigils will see...

The paradox's between your worlds of faith...
...have blinded you from the earth you were born into

...The world where gravity weighs your soul...

Where the colors of your vision...

...are the colors of reality

WuRx... [31 Jan 2002|09:53pm]

[ mood | Sad...alone...hated ]

Something that I am not for sure is finished or not... I just want a review... :(


Ujalaky's blue eyes
have become inner demons
The family... cult bloomed red
germinated in the empire of bad seeds

Ujalaky... are you listening?
Have you been there?

...and in departure
He folded them red

"14 left... and I still remember him"
He said

Absence... dreaming another
"I never told whats inside me""
Letters, the silence

and it's treatment

Dressed in his color
he'll take it to the grave

Update [28 Jan 2002|10:06pm]

[ mood | Dismal... and uglyness ]


In time I'll breath in the acidic air...
Fleeted by yesterdays common words
They told me I was on my own

The phases woke and slept
waiting for my action
waiting for the silence...

Chaos was only a dream to me
like the godly practicioner

Loving the pieces

...and watching you sleep

Fearing life
I fled from tommorow
and found my darkest days...

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Detriment... [15 Jan 2002|08:15pm]

[ mood | Mindless...Thoughtless..Devour ]

Mmm.... ERRoRz...


Happened upon a problem with site




egh. [14 Jan 2002|04:34pm]

[ mood | blank ]

heres another crap story pulled from the bowels of my ass. yay.

"Three months till winter be comin down pon our likes."
"It aint be our likes, Yttebriyum," bellowed the beastly one. "The corn
must be harvested. Fore long winter be comin down pon the fields."
I reached for the remote and clicked off the television set. All that was
on was some old farming movie about corn and a bunch of tele-ads. That
would probably be due to the time. It was 4:30 in the morning. Sleep did
not visit nor did it seem that it wanted too. In some strange way I was too
tired for sleep. My eyes just kind of floated there within my skull, all
glazed over, and that uncertain look of disbelief looming somewhere in
between. Through all the dilation and fuzziness, I could see. I could see
what was about to transpire and everything I had once known came crashing
down, imploding, into one huge voluptuous mass. The mass spited me.
Looking down upon myself, I noticed that I was still in my clothes. It was
just your average run of the mill black pants and black long sleeve shirt
with the sleeves rolled back. Over the clothing was a butchers apron.
Namely a butchers apron just so you can envision the attire. Otherwise it
was just an apron. I put it on earlier when I had to put out the messy
trash last night. I guess that I never thought of taking it off.
There was god, sitting right next to me. It was a cushy pillow with all of
its warmth capabilities. And beside it were more things of god. There sat
the blender that could puree better than any person could ever fathom. My
living quarters were kind of cluttered with things thrown about.
Stars shone their light through a small window above the precipice of the
stairwell. It was only that window too. All the other windows were
darkened, as was the moon. The stars still shone through that lone window.
It seemed as if the clouds had a purpose in separating themselves from the
stars and focusing on blocking out the moonlight. And the stars were
unusually bright. They just kind of focused there, luminaries twirling
about ever so bright. It was as if they knew. I must not focus on such
trivial things right now.
I slumped over onto the foldout couch and closed my eyes. Nothing came.
Insomniacs slept better than I ever did. So I waited staring into the abyss
of the wholesomeness of a home unkempt. I needed the time to pass. I did
not want to spend another second with these thoughts. They maddened me so.
After enough tossing about in the maelstrom of dark, light shone down
through the panes of the window. With a hue of red and a tint of orange, I
knew it was time. They knew. They knew as much as they could know if that
is what it should be called. Did they even procure organic ideas as I?
I had to be ready for them. They would try to take me, but I could not let
that happen. A struggle for life must occur. No! A struggle of everything
all at once which holds the balance of all living things. Only my brain
knows out of what is left of the others and the other place.
Breathing hampered my stealth into the darkened bedroom. I kicked aside the
clusters of clothes and magazines and reached under the bed. I groped out
for something in the darkness of under the bed filth. Somehow, a lead pipe
found its way into my hand. There was a lot of useless junk beneath that
Having the cold pipe, I streaked into the kitchen. My vision blurred with
motion. Opening the cabinet next to the sink, I reached for the knives. I
obviously missed when I gashed open my hand. It must have been pretty deep,
because the blood flowed out everywhere. The blood got all over me. I
smeared it about the apron trying to dry my hands, but the cut was too deep.
After some time of myself foolishly spluttering the blood all around and
about myself, I found a tourniquet under the sink and wrapped the thing
around my bloody hand. I reached back in the drawer and got a nice long
serrated knife. With lead pipe and knife in hand, I felt accomplished. Now
I sit near the front door and I wait. I wait!

~ *~ ~*~ ~*~

The children looked on toward the darkened house in comparison with the lit
up houses on the street. All the other children were ringing doorbells,
greeting the strangers inside, and getting candy.
"I dare you to ring that dark houses doorbell," one of the children

ok its over now. if you want to sufficiently understate the story add this peice on.

The child ran up to the door. The doorbell buzzed as the chubby finger met
it. The door creaked open just a bit.
"Can I help you?" the blood covered occupant asked.
"Trick or Treat!"
"I do not celebrate this Halloween."
The children squealed and took off to the next house.


Acid... [13 Jan 2002|10:30pm]

[ mood | depressed...alone...sad... ]

Today really sucked...

How is everyone?

Teenager [09 Jan 2002|10:44am]

[ mood | Faceless ]

I'm updating from a terminal at my school... I fear that is the only way I can do this.

One of my "not so abstract" poems


Watch it land
Running through teeth
and all the hydrogen falls

Shes colored
colored white and blue
the long lost blue...

It's a wonder how you fall for me
Your so pretty when you cry
and there are energies
theres so much light in you...

The beligerent waterfalls
...have finally found peace



[04 Jan 2002|01:46pm]

everyone... say hello to <http://www.livejournal.com/users/ipfxtwin">Ian</a>.. hes our newest member =]

-sam and i are working on starting back on diskisses, for awhile me and her were extremely busy.


Ovid [03 Dec 2001|06:58am]

"I'm weak, I'm tired, and I think I just might die soon." The girl paused before continuing, "but my mind races with idea's that I want to leave behind, I want to leave the world with a mirror." The girl speaks with a visible effort, her lungs are heavy, her weight light, her heart, gone.

"What do you mean by 'leaving the world with a mirror'?" Asked the faceless voice, showing no interest in the girls trouble, just her ideas, her mind, what throbs inside her up at the highest temple of her body. It's all the faceless voice wants, its what it feed's off of, everything else in its opinion, could just stop working. Perhaps this would be easier.

"I've created a charicter." The girl stated, and stopped, with no intention to continue without incourigment.

"Yes?" The voice pressed.

"A women, a girl, a vessel of life, the second being placed on earth, after man, how typical." The girl laughed, but it was short, and lacking. "She's in love, but not once, not twice, but three time's."


"Two men and a women." The girl add's more clarity.

"She's bi then?" The voice ask's.

"Yes, but in this case, that's not being used. Let me explain..." She paused, to pull in enough air. "The female fell in love with a taken man... the typical scene in today's society, always does one want what one can never have. But this man want's her as well, and from there they go about with gay foreplay. All innocent, no cheating, just flirting. But neither of them can deny their feelings, but they have to, they are forced, for the man's sake, who's being killed every day by this guilt that grows inside of him, consuming him, possesing. The female retracts slightly, and takes it to a more friend level, no more foreplay, and the only echo's of flirting is her adored and possibly longed for giggles. In her retraction period, she meets another man, just as amazing, if not more in her eye's, and again, she fall's in love. Acording to science, she can not legibly fall in love any more, she has used up both her chances. Time passes, and the female looses all contact with the old love, and as far as she know's he was still happily with his girlfriend, whom to her was a blank mystery, never introduced, and never even a name was dropped to her. The female, lives happily for a time with her new love. But thing's die inside her and she runs to her old love for something of comfort, in which her new love never really seemed to be comfortable giving."

"Incable?" The voice asked.

"No, uncomfortable." The girl answered. "They act civil, and the female almost think's he's begun to hate her, despise her perhaps, but she's proven wrong, and again their faced with the same problems but amplified by time. All seems so foggy, but outside the bubble the answer is so clear. The female is in love with herself, at the same time she holds a very strong hate for herself. She loves to be loved, and she loves herself more when she's loved more. Therefore she seeks the love of so many."

"There's only two."

"Two, and the love she tries to put in herself on her half. If she could just learn to be happy, with one person's love, or perhaps two, if she were to include her own, she could live happily, but she's possesed with a drive." The girl gasped for air, and tried to continue, but failed, she laid back in the chair limply, trying to recover.

"So, how is this a mirror?" The voice pressed, ignoring the girls struggle.

"This is society, this happens every day, this is what people are today. It make's me sick." The girl pulled in more air, "I'm happy I'm leaving it behind. I'm happy I never got sucked into this void... I'm happy I never became apart of the theatre they called social life."

The voice let out something of a small chuckle, and if it had a head, it would have shook it, and if it had a body, it would have turned and walked away. If it had eye's, it would have watched her die.
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[28 Nov 2001|05:09pm]

[ mood | cold ]

We are currently feeling: DisfunctionalKisses feels this way, because we can. [imood.com]

Last Update 11.28.01:
-changed the name of dave's poem malice to malcontenence, check it out here
-added I -Heart- Children by Dave
-Sam drew rough sketches of the members of diskisses, not posted yet [seeing as how they are rough sketches, duh]
-<3- CD



alright [27 Nov 2001|04:39pm]

cassi- if you want to move the site for more space, http://mobi1.net looks good!

To cassi [27 Nov 2001|04:35pm]

Cassi, I added ALOT to the story, i just have to type it up, but your gonna have to send me your addition again cuz i think i lost it... >.

I -Heart- Children [25 Nov 2001|07:42pm]

I filled all the stomachs with candy. They were like piatas waiting to
burst. All they needed was one swift smack with a bat. Billy and Tommy
stared back at me from the other side of the table. Tommy opened his candy
filled mouth, "eRm. MisHtooR SpRInkLEs.."
"It is pronounced Sprinks," I replied.
"Erm YeAH. MishtOor SpriNkles, your'e the cOolEst adulT PersIn EvOr."
I doubled back to the refrigerator to obtain some ice cream. "Eat."
The children sat their with their poofy little faces and their poofy little
tummies and their poofy little bodies filled with those poofy greasy
innards. I wanted that poofiniff. I wanted it good. I stole grou j la9.
[sic] -HaCk- *cough* My thoughts were slurring again.
Now that I was in the other room I could listen in to the children. I heard
crunchy sounds. They are the sounds of consumption. Occasionally there was
a giggle or two. Finally one of them spoke up. I think it was Billy.
"WheRe'd Mishter SpriNkleS gO?"
Then Tommy's voice became present. "I DoNNO, bUt He SURe is GrreaT."
Good. They still knew nothing of my brain... MY BRAIN!! I pulled the
medicine out of my pocket and took it. "Ahhh, Minty relief."
I took a calm stroll back into the room. I wondered if they could see my
insides. I prayed that they did not. "Cummon kids. Let's go out for an
adventure. Ever been on an adventure before? They are really fun! HEeeEe
heeeeHEEEE HOOhoheeee hahahahee"
"Oh mahy gaWsH, misHtooR!" said Tommy. "I'vE NevOr beeN ohn a reaylly ReayL AdveNshOOr."
My voice turned into a serious tone. "Good, Good. Let's
start by going to that bridge over the chasm. The Orc chasm. So hurry up
and finish up that ice cream with the sedatives in it." They both replied
in unison with an ok and a glee filled smile.

yeah.. it made me laugh at least...
anyways i want you to also change the line in that poem malice that says that bat crap in it and change it to as they meet....
also change the name of the poem from malice to malcontenance and fix the link to my bands page so it links to Amnion.8m.com

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my addition to wrong instincts -it may not be too good but here it is [19 Nov 2001|08:56am]

[ mood | numb ]

They stood outside his door, Dei shivering slightly from the chill weather, while Alice only trembled from worry.

"Do you want to knock? Or shall I?" Dri looked at Alice concerned.
"No... its too late. Either he's wasted, or asleep."
"I can talk to him for you."
"And risk getting his scent on your body?" Dei nodded.
Alice continued, "I might... lose control if you did that, Dei. Besides, what if his parents wake?"
"We are silent. We can get past them, you more so than I, but I can still get past them."

Dei knew this argument was pointless. She would never win, she would never convince Alice of her own strength.

Alice cast her gaze toward the large tree beside Casey's house. Dei groaned, "I'm too old for this.." Yet she giggled. The pair moved to the tree.

"How do you suspect we will get up?" Dei inquired carefully, almost scared of the answer..

its of poor quality but it will just have to do this time... *sigh*


te he [14 Nov 2001|08:06pm]

mmm cassi u left before i could reply

the pics, i gotz time, i do those in class, im doing diff one's, cuz im not happy with em yet, their only gonna be head shot's, that's so much easier, im trying to make them less generic tho =\ and i hope when i scan em in they arent too big.

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