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"I'm weak, I'm tired, and I think I just might die soon." The girl paused before continuing, "but my mind races with idea's that I want to leave behind, I want to leave the world with a mirror." The girl speaks with a visible effort, her lungs are heavy, her weight light, her heart, gone.

"What do you mean by 'leaving the world with a mirror'?" Asked the faceless voice, showing no interest in the girls trouble, just her ideas, her mind, what throbs inside her up at the highest temple of her body. It's all the faceless voice wants, its what it feed's off of, everything else in its opinion, could just stop working. Perhaps this would be easier.

"I've created a charicter." The girl stated, and stopped, with no intention to continue without incourigment.

"Yes?" The voice pressed.

"A women, a girl, a vessel of life, the second being placed on earth, after man, how typical." The girl laughed, but it was short, and lacking. "She's in love, but not once, not twice, but three time's."


"Two men and a women." The girl add's more clarity.

"She's bi then?" The voice ask's.

"Yes, but in this case, that's not being used. Let me explain..." She paused, to pull in enough air. "The female fell in love with a taken man... the typical scene in today's society, always does one want what one can never have. But this man want's her as well, and from there they go about with gay foreplay. All innocent, no cheating, just flirting. But neither of them can deny their feelings, but they have to, they are forced, for the man's sake, who's being killed every day by this guilt that grows inside of him, consuming him, possesing. The female retracts slightly, and takes it to a more friend level, no more foreplay, and the only echo's of flirting is her adored and possibly longed for giggles. In her retraction period, she meets another man, just as amazing, if not more in her eye's, and again, she fall's in love. Acording to science, she can not legibly fall in love any more, she has used up both her chances. Time passes, and the female looses all contact with the old love, and as far as she know's he was still happily with his girlfriend, whom to her was a blank mystery, never introduced, and never even a name was dropped to her. The female, lives happily for a time with her new love. But thing's die inside her and she runs to her old love for something of comfort, in which her new love never really seemed to be comfortable giving."

"Incable?" The voice asked.

"No, uncomfortable." The girl answered. "They act civil, and the female almost think's he's begun to hate her, despise her perhaps, but she's proven wrong, and again their faced with the same problems but amplified by time. All seems so foggy, but outside the bubble the answer is so clear. The female is in love with herself, at the same time she holds a very strong hate for herself. She loves to be loved, and she loves herself more when she's loved more. Therefore she seeks the love of so many."

"There's only two."

"Two, and the love she tries to put in herself on her half. If she could just learn to be happy, with one person's love, or perhaps two, if she were to include her own, she could live happily, but she's possesed with a drive." The girl gasped for air, and tried to continue, but failed, she laid back in the chair limply, trying to recover.

"So, how is this a mirror?" The voice pressed, ignoring the girls struggle.

"This is society, this happens every day, this is what people are today. It make's me sick." The girl pulled in more air, "I'm happy I'm leaving it behind. I'm happy I never got sucked into this void... I'm happy I never became apart of the theatre they called social life."

The voice let out something of a small chuckle, and if it had a head, it would have shook it, and if it had a body, it would have turned and walked away. If it had eye's, it would have watched her die.
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