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I -Heart- Children

I filled all the stomachs with candy. They were like piatas waiting to
burst. All they needed was one swift smack with a bat. Billy and Tommy
stared back at me from the other side of the table. Tommy opened his candy
filled mouth, "eRm. MisHtooR SpRInkLEs.."
"It is pronounced Sprinks," I replied.
"Erm YeAH. MishtOor SpriNkles, your'e the cOolEst adulT PersIn EvOr."
I doubled back to the refrigerator to obtain some ice cream. "Eat."
The children sat their with their poofy little faces and their poofy little
tummies and their poofy little bodies filled with those poofy greasy
innards. I wanted that poofiniff. I wanted it good. I stole grou j la9.
[sic] -HaCk- *cough* My thoughts were slurring again.
Now that I was in the other room I could listen in to the children. I heard
crunchy sounds. They are the sounds of consumption. Occasionally there was
a giggle or two. Finally one of them spoke up. I think it was Billy.
"WheRe'd Mishter SpriNkleS gO?"
Then Tommy's voice became present. "I DoNNO, bUt He SURe is GrreaT."
Good. They still knew nothing of my brain... MY BRAIN!! I pulled the
medicine out of my pocket and took it. "Ahhh, Minty relief."
I took a calm stroll back into the room. I wondered if they could see my
insides. I prayed that they did not. "Cummon kids. Let's go out for an
adventure. Ever been on an adventure before? They are really fun! HEeeEe
heeeeHEEEE HOOhoheeee hahahahee"
"Oh mahy gaWsH, misHtooR!" said Tommy. "I'vE NevOr beeN ohn a reaylly ReayL AdveNshOOr."
My voice turned into a serious tone. "Good, Good. Let's
start by going to that bridge over the chasm. The Orc chasm. So hurry up
and finish up that ice cream with the sedatives in it." They both replied
in unison with an ok and a glee filled smile.

yeah.. it made me laugh at least...
anyways i want you to also change the line in that poem malice that says that bat crap in it and change it to as they meet....
also change the name of the poem from malice to malcontenance and fix the link to my bands page so it links to Amnion.8m.com

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