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my addition to wrong instincts -it may not be too good but here it is

They stood outside his door, Dei shivering slightly from the chill weather, while Alice only trembled from worry.

"Do you want to knock? Or shall I?" Dri looked at Alice concerned.
"No... its too late. Either he's wasted, or asleep."
"I can talk to him for you."
"And risk getting his scent on your body?" Dei nodded.
Alice continued, "I might... lose control if you did that, Dei. Besides, what if his parents wake?"
"We are silent. We can get past them, you more so than I, but I can still get past them."

Dei knew this argument was pointless. She would never win, she would never convince Alice of her own strength.

Alice cast her gaze toward the large tree beside Casey's house. Dei groaned, "I'm too old for this.." Yet she giggled. The pair moved to the tree.

"How do you suspect we will get up?" Dei inquired carefully, almost scared of the answer..

its of poor quality but it will just have to do this time... *sigh*

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